Joining the debate

There will be five propositions for debate at the Solace Summit 2011, each with a facilitator to help shape the conversations. They’ll be adding their commentary on this blog over the coming weeks. By clicking on the links below you’ll be taken to a page that summarises each proposition and provides a list of what they’ve already said.

Proposition 1: The times are changing

David Clark, director of Solace Enterprises Ltd, leads a debate about how the shifting focus for local government is changing local government.

Proposition 2: Local government is a public health organisation

Phil Swann, programme director of Shared Intelligence, facilitates a conversation about whether local government should return to its core responsibility of public health. 

Proposition 3: Put democracy back into Localism

Founder of the Democratic Society, Anthony Zacharzewski, chairs a debate about the importance of democracy in localism. Click on the posts below to join the debate.

Proposition 4: Public Services in a Networked World

Carrie Bishop of Future Gov, leads a debate that will consider what skills and
behaviours local government leaders will need to flourish in the networked world.

Proposition 5: Local government can drive local economic growth

Catherine Howe, chief executive of Public-i, chairs a discussion focusing on the role of the modern local authority in driving growth and create a framework for action at local and national levels. 


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