Welcome to the SOLACE Summit 2011

We’ve set this blog up to start the conversation about SOLACE Summit 2011, which will be on held on October 11th-13th.

The SOLACE Summit will provide inspiration, participation and collaboration through a series of plenary sessions and discussion groups.  The focus is on debate, discussion and output. The SOLACE Summit is more than an event; it is a key point in the year’s conversation. It will begin by building  on collective thinking and action and will end by providing energy and  impetus for a forward programme. The SOLACE Summit communiqué, coproduced  by participants, will capture the challenges we face, the vision
we share and the action we will take.

As with all our successful conferences, this year’s summit will feature a range of high profile speakers and contributors.  To date, these include the following Council Chief Executives: Sir Howard Bernstein (Manchester), Caroline Tapster (Hertfordshire), Kim Ryley (Shropshire), Jenny Rowlands (Lewes), Tony Hunter (North East Lincolnshire), Mary Orton (Waverley), John Barradell (Brighton & Hove), Sue Bruce (Edinburgh) and Derek Myers (RB Kensington & Chelsea).

And from the private, voluntary and wider public sector we have: Dermot Joyce, Chief Executive, Liberata; Anne Torry, Managing Director, Zurich Municipal; Sally Gainsbury, FT Reporter and Health Service Journal Columnist; Ciarán Devane, Chief Executive, Macmillan Cancer Support; Ruth Kennedy, Project Manager, The Public Office; and Paul Connolly, Director, Pavko.

The primary focus of this year’s summit is, however, on you.  The summit has been
designed to give you more of a voice in shaping debate and discussion around our
key propositions.  It will provide a platform for you to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas with your peers and to participate in designing solutions and developing the sector’s response to the challenges it faces.  Your contributions will form the main output of the summit – the communiqué, our collective plan for action.

You need not, however, wait until October to start shaping the debate – our work stream facilitators have already kicked off discussions under each proposition and are keen to know what you think.

The propositions

We want you to join in the discussion now – so why not give us your feedback about the summit?

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